Comedians are know to be daring often stepping over the line whenever given an opportunity.  The world of plastic surgery for me was an opportunity to explore something I had always been fascinated with as a kid.  The idea of what happens when science and art collide into one daring and imaginary science.  The world of the plastic surgeon is beautiful, macabre and extremely fascinating.  I have told a lot of short from stories and created so many videos about the topic that there are to many to list here.  One day when I am ready to fully process that adventure I’m going to tell a complete story about my time in the operating room in Beverly Hills. Until then here are some plastic surgery pieces that I have created.

Here is promotional video I created that I like to call The Art Of Plastic Surgery

Kirk Noland once again shows his raw talent for being able to condense a complex story

into a 60 second showcase work of art.
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