This page showcases my wide range of creativity and the ability to produce outstanding work for my clients.


The challenge was to make Yoga exciting.  In order to do this I felt we needed great testimonials and hip music.  This video took two days to film and many hours of editing to complete.  The end result made the client extremely happy. They even provided me with a free membership. I have now become a real hot yoga addict.


The challenge was to make a hip and unique testimonial for Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie.  I had never been in an operating room before and neither had my crew so there were many obstacles that we had to overcome quickly in order to achieve the goal for this client.  This small testimonial was just one of many videos I created as part of a plastic surgery documentary.

I can honesty say this project was a life changing experience for me.


The challenge was to create an online promo for cruise ship performer Mark Hawkins.  Mr. Hawkins performs a XXX rated show on some of the biggest cruise ship lines in the world.   Mark needed a cool internet promo for his show. The difficulty was getting the footage from the Cayman Islands to my studio so I could edit it. The  footage was downloaded via an internet drop box service.  I then had to create the idea and squeeze an hour and half of material into a minute and half .  The result is what you see here.  Mr. Hawkins later wrote me, ” I love it…brilliant…you’re my hero…I’m going to recommend you to everyone.”

Heartbroken Child

The Music Video Shoot


I love designing and creating work for other artist.  I shot and edited this music video for a young blues guitarist named Patrick Polk.  We filmed the entire music video in Los Angeles.  We shot footage along Hollywood Blvd and in the Metro Stations.  Filming Patrick playing his guitar as the music echoed off the beautiful walls in the train station was truly a magical moment.  My crew and I roamed the Metro Stations filming kids who were part of today’s “Hobo” culture.  Many of these young people live on the streets jumping trains making their way across the United States.  One of the kid’s who stood out was a young man named, “TRASH” who seemed to be the living embodiment of the song “Heartbroken Child.” Trash was a modern-day hobo who already seemed to have lived a hundred years. When I looked into his eyes through the camera lens he truly was a heartbroken child.  His life had been one of struggle and pain except on this night.  This night he was a star on the boulevard with a camera crew and lights in tow filming him like a rock star under the hollywood stars.

DMG/Bluegill. Spot 1


I created a series of web spots for DMG/Bluegill.  The spot’s featured a real monkey and was quite a challenge to direct and produce.


DMG/Bluegill. Spot 2

I created a series of web spots for DMG/Bluegill.  The spot’s featured a real monkey and was quite a challenge to direct and produce.


Campbell Station Wine & Spirits

The challenge was how to take some pictures and b-roll video and make it into something exciting. The result turned out pretty well.



This spot was created for Knoxville photographer Hobe Brunson.


Z News Screenwriter Pitch Video

Screenwriter David Santo needed an idea to pitch a new teen zombie script but didn’t have an idea on how to do it.   The result was a zombie spoof news cast which I designed to pitch his script.  He loved it and so has his fan based with over 11 thousand views and still counting.