K2.0 • We cannot change the cards we are dealt.


We can’t change the cards we are dealt. We can only play our hand in the best possible way. You can drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why life has to be so hard sometimes or you can just accept it and push forward in pursuit of your dreams.
You can choose to see your circumstances as fraught with trials and problems or you can instead see how truly lucky you are.
I choose to see my life as lucky! I have a wonderful daughter. Friends that love and care for me. I have a warm place to lay my head at night and I still have dreams in my soul. In the sum total of my life, the ups have far surpassed the downs.
So whatever hand I am dealt. I will play that hand until the game is over. It’s not like I have never been flush before. I’ve sat in the winner’s seat and have been privileged to its rewards and honors. My day will come again when the cards will once again favor me. When that day arrives I will once again bask in the excitement and the thrill of seeing the impossible happen. I will rise up in my seat and wink that wink of confidence in knowing that my time has come again. That the cards this time are in my favor and that destiny is about to turn her head and smile my way. ~K2.0 https://tinyurl.com/kq8ldof

When you are a stand up comedian • Detroit’s Legendary Comedy Castle

Sometimes as artist and performers we get so busy with reaching for the stars that we forget the very foundation that got us there in the first place. No Detroit comedian would be who they are today if it wasn’t for the temple that began it all. ~K2.0 #comedy #standup #comedians #comedycastle#markridleyscomedycastle #detroitcomedy

K2.0 Heartbroken Child • My Life in 20 Minutes

Hello My Tribe. Happy New Year!

I’M beginning this new year with my bold and artistic vision for my future. This is a twenty minute documentary that I have created as a witness and testament to the fact that you can rebuild and become whole again. I have created a story that takes individual Instagram minutes and brings them together into one fluid story. When broken up each one-minute video is a stand alone story of its own. I have created in essence an Instagram Documentary. It’s cropped in that size and retains all of the social media aspects of the original videos.

I have also added something else that I always loved from the 80’s MTV and POP Up Videos days. I have added notes inside of the video outlining my thoughts and other factual information. You will read along as you watch the story unfold before your eyes.

There are so many people to thank who have gotten me to this place. That the list would be endless. You all know who you are and I LOVE YOU for the faith you have kept in me. This is just the beginning of many more documentaries that will come from me this year. I have finally found the key that I was looking for as a storyteller and I have a decade of minutes to produce now.

My hope is this documentary helps those with depression and suicidal thoughts think about what their life can become.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT AT this very minute someone is thinking about killing themselves. They feel lost and alone just like I did and not one of us knows what they are about to do.

Maybe if they watch my story they will realize that life is a precious gift filled with wonderful surprises. We can’t help everyone but everyone can help somebody by sharing their story. This is my witness and all I ask of you is to:


Also please leave your comments below. I might use them in a future doc.


You are a miracle!

Don’t let anyone make you feel differently!

I am the Master of my Fate • I am the Captain of my Soul.

These are my favorite words spoken by one of the greatest actors of all time. I once used this as a mantra for my life but then I got lost and confused and fell off my path.  The thing is pain and trauma will catch up to you if you are not careful to deal with it appropriately.   I felt I had escaped it’s dark grasp but I was so wrong.  I am now finding my way back to my true path and destiny and reciting these words on a daily basis. ~K2.0

A Creative Day At Creative Learning Center


I had a great day creating with my students. This was my favorite pic of the day.

BHS Studio Shoot and you’re invited.

This was a shoot I directed, produced and edited. These kids were a joy to work with.

Capes.com BTS Video and Photo Shoot

This is a behind the scenes studio shoot for Capes.com  I directed, produced and edited every aspect of this shoot from start to finish. I love working with kids they are so much fun.

Social Media Video in After Effects

A Social Media Promo Spot created in After Effects

Logo Design and Video Opener for Capes.com

Here’s a logo design I created with fellow team member Jamal Ray for a company called Capes.com

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