David Santo 831 Song


This is an exciting week for one of my clients. If you are not following @davidsantomusic Please do so immediately.

David Santo is an artist of impeccable integrity and artistic genius. His music will take you through a magical journey of unparalleled artistry.

His latest creation 831 is an electronic soulful love song that is reminiscent of Peter Gabriel. 

The song was produced in association with @iamgabrielmusic and is a masterful work of art.

When creating projects for clients there are so many intricate details in developing a piece of work that matches that artist’s artistic vision.

I filmed three different concert events taking hundreds of pictures and recorded hours of interviews. The result is the beginning of rebranding of this artist with a bold new vision for that journey.  I think the real art of what I do is in getting to know my clients very well.  Sometimes they squawk about the budget but in the end, they get very excited when they see their vision come to fruition.  I think it’s also at that moment they finally realize all the hats that I have worn so comfortably. I’ve been their director, producer, writer, friend, confidant and memory keeper. The last and most important role I play in creating a new brand experience is that of a dreamcatcher.  That moment when I see in their eyes that their new dream is being realized.  Most of my clients are people who are at the top of their field. They live a level of profound excellence rarely found in others. So when I capture their story in a way that makes them giddy with excitement. That is the moment for me which is more than money can buy. It’s when I get a glimpse through their artistic eyes at my own creative excellence. Thank You @davidsantomusic Your music is brilliant and I’m honored to be telling your story.

Music is the great Equalizer • #36weekstosuccess

Music 🎤  is the great equalizer. Everyone should have a right to a music 🎧 education. It gives us all hope. For many of my student’s music is life. It is the only reason they come to school. They need 🎼 music in their life like oxygen.

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A tour of Detroit School of Digital Technology

I want to thank Taurean Thomas at DSDT for giving my students a tour of the facility. Imagine a school built from the ashes of an old police station. I love taking my students to DSDT. They are a very inspiring group of educators.

K2.0 Vlog • Music is the great equalizer

There are days when I am in the music studio that I built for my kids and it’s then that it hits me. Music is truly the great equalizer. This is their dream that one day they will write something or spit out a rhyme that catches fire in order to change their lives and circumstances forever.  Music keeps us all dreaming of things that never seem beyond our reach because with it touching our soul nothing ever seems impossible!

I am the Master of my Fate • I am the Captain of my Soul.

These are my favorite words spoken by one of the greatest actors of all time. I once used this as a mantra for my life but then I got lost and confused and fell off my path.  The thing is pain and trauma will catch up to you if you are not careful to deal with it appropriately.   I felt I had escaped it’s dark grasp but I was so wrong.  I am now finding my way back to my true path and destiny and reciting these words on a daily basis. ~K2.0

BHS Studio Shoot and you’re invited.

This was a shoot I directed, produced and edited. These kids were a joy to work with.

Capes.com BTS Video and Photo Shoot

This is a behind the scenes studio shoot for Capes.com  I directed, produced and edited every aspect of this shoot from start to finish. I love working with kids they are so much fun.

Social Media Video in After Effects

A Social Media Promo Spot created in After Effects

Logo Design and Video Opener for Capes.com

Here’s a logo design I created with fellow team member Jamal Ray for a company called Capes.com

Creative Learning Center Spot • We Build Dreamers

At Creative Learning Center we are building young artist, dreamers, and entrepreneurs.

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