Hank Moody Speaks My Language.

This is a piece I created for My Virtual Academy.

K2.0 Vlog • Living Homeless

Living homeless is not an easy life. Here is a son of the oldest surviving neighborhood in Detroit talking about living homeless in Corktown.

Pizza Rolls • Music Video CLC

It’s funny how a song about pizza rolls has turned into so much creative fun! Teaching my students that you must always be prepared for success, we shot and created this little interview promo video. I’m very proud of the hard work they have been putting in. “PIZZA ROLLS YEA I GOT IT BAD! LOL”

K2.0 Help prevent a suicide. Be a Friend!

You know what helps stop people from committing suicide…a friend. Love someone today and take the time to be there for them. Sometimes all it takes is just someone, anyone who will understand. I Love You My Tribe and If you need an ear. I’m here for you! #suicide #suicideprevention #suicideawareness #suicideawarenessday #suicididalthoughts #depression #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthsupport #yournotalone #reachoutforhelp #imhereforyou #todayisnottheday #mytribe

K2.0 • Students Teaching Students

When teaching you want to take chances when trying to instill confidence into your students. Today I allowed a student to teach his peers in the recording studio. It went far better than I ever expected.

A tour of Detroit School of Digital Technology

I want to thank Taurean Thomas at DSDT for giving my students a tour of the facility. Imagine a school built from the ashes of an old police station. I love taking my students to DSDT. They are a very inspiring group of educators.

David Santo • 831 song

I produced this music video for my friend David Santo.   831 is about a woman who has been lied to and cheated on. And, after all that mess, she struggles with this question – how is she going to make sense out of her life?

This is a brilliant piece of music and I wanted to give it a trippy, dreamy psychedelic look to go along with the complexity of the music bed.  I also kept thinking about the artist who wrote this and wanted to join his love for this woman and her heartbreak into a kismetic dance.

The joining of their two souls, in the end, is in fact what we all want from love.  I hope you all enjoy this collaboration and please leave your comments.

David Santo is a Detroit musician and writer. His debut album “Faster Than Love” (1990) and his follow up album “David Santo: Rocks Against Racism” (1995) were the cornerstones of his musical career. David still performs. Check him out at 831song.com

K2.0 Vlog • Music is the great equalizer

There are days when I am in the music studio that I built for my kids and it’s then that it hits me. Music is truly the great equalizer. This is their dream that one day they will write something or spit out a rhyme that catches fire in order to change their lives and circumstances forever.  Music keeps us all dreaming of things that never seem beyond our reach because with it touching our soul nothing ever seems impossible!

K2.0 Vlog • Building Young Minds


I had a great day creating with my kids. I bought a new backdrop and that meant lots of fun taking pics. It’s an absolute privilege to able to teach these kids how to be creative. From the ashes of my previous life, I rose back up to become this…I am truly lucky to be alive for these memories.

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